SEM Auditing Services

Viewed from this angle your website architecture is as important as building architecture. Your success is tied to the integrity of your website.

Center Dot is the Homepage

Are These Your Questions?

Is the website is providing the success it could be?

Is the current marketing team providing quality service?

I know the website could be better but how?

Lets answer these questions together.

First we need to create a baseline report of your website and marketing efforts

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

All components of online marketing fit into S.E.M.

Platform – Website Architecture

BluePrint: A website must be set up in an optimal way to support the services, information, or products listed on the website. Suboptimal architecture can lead to the algorithms misplacing or limiting your reach.

“All Roads Lead to Home” and so should your marketing

Aesthetic: You only have a moment to catch customer attention.

Is your website information captivating? Is your navigation intuitive?


Content Easily Understood by Human and Machine

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Today’s computer algorithms try to “Read” and process your website as a human would. Each page should have a focus idea or concept that is clearly defined by the title and headers on the page.

Your images must match the on page writing with both the picture and the naming of the file via alternative text and captions

Supporting pages are to expand your primary idea with secondary phrases and content that reinforce your relate to the primary page(s).


This is the foundation to identifying ROI. By utilizing visitor tracking software and cross referencing the data output with business goals you paint a picture by numbers


Target Your Customer Base With Pin Point Accuracy

  • Paid – Google/Bing Pay-Per-Click ads, Banner ads, Advertorials, Geo-Targeting
  • Social Media – Posts, Boosts, Paid, Influencers
  • Organic – Brand Identity, Search Result Placement, Map Pack Position, Answers to FAQ, Images for Products, 3rd Party Placement
  • Video – Organic Placement, Viral Spread, Paid
  • Email – Direct Response, 1 to 1 Conversation

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